3 Simple Image Optimization Tricks To Increase Your Online Store Traffic

Image Optimization Tricks for Online Store to Increase Traffic

Images are one of the most overlooked opportunities to increase your search rankings and drive traffic.

I remember the first business I ever started online.  It was an online auction for figurines.  You can read all about it here if you are interested.

I was watching my Google Analytics traffic stats like a hawk.  I wanted to see where everyone was coming from and what they were searching for.

At the time, Google still wasn’t encrypting their search words.  You were able to see every search query people entered to get to your site.

The Secret Sauce Is Made of Images

I remember suddenly getting an influx of traffic from the keywords “Security Seal.”

For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why or how I was getting this traffic.

After a little digging through the data, it appeared this traffic was coming from an image on my site.  I had a simple security seal that I had added to the footer of my site.  This image had been optimized perfectly so that it was showing in Googles image results.  This was resulting in tons of impressions and a lot of traffic.

Now this traffic was garbage.  It had nothing to do with what I was selling.  These were probably other people searching online for a seal to put on their own site.

Regardless, it was the “aha” moment for me.

This was the moment I realized the power of images and optimizing images on your site.

So lets get right to it and show you 3 Simple Image Optimization Tricks you can do today.

3 Image Optimization Tricks To Drive Traffic Now

1. Rename Your Image Files

Maybe you took photos on your digital camera and uploaded them to your computer.  Maybe you download them from vendors sites.  Regardless, they are probably named something like DSC5162015.jpg.

Changing Filenames of Images to Optimize Online Store

Not so helpful huh? Hmm which was the one of the keychain again?

This is useless.

You want to name your files with your keyword phrase or related keyword terms.


Find the folder on your computer where you store your images. Go ahead and name them useful names using a dash between the words in the file name.  For example:  aqua-colored-floating-keychain.jpg.  

Work your way through each image in the folder.

HINT: You should be doing this for every image on your online store.  Not just product photos.  Logos, advertising, seals, trust icons, messages, etc.  Every image is a chance to optimize and drive traffic.

2. Use the ALT Tags

The ALT tag are the words that appear before the image is fully loaded on the screen.

Alt Tags for Image Optimization for Online Store

It also provides crucial information to Google about the image.  Google uses these tags to understand what the image and page are about.  Go ahead and use keyword phrases in your ALT tags.  For example:  Aqua Colored Floating Keychain

Almost all ecommerce platforms allow you to change these ALT tags.  Sometimes it’s hidden away or not in the most obvious place.

Take the time to hunt down where you change it for each image.

HINT: Again you should be using the ALT tags for all images on your site.  Not just your product photos.  Your logo, and all images should have alt tags.

3. Caption Your Images

Use the image caption or description part to go one step further.  Captions are the the text that often appears underneath images.  It is visible to people and usually describes the photo.

Here is an image and caption from Bobs post on “Why Start a Blog?

Image Captions to Drive Traffic to Your Online Store

This is a caption about an image with a caption. 🙂

HINT: These captions don’t need to be used all the time.  They are a great way to really come over the top and let Google know what the image is about.

Optimizing Your Images Makes Them Show In Search

These three tricks are instrumental in explaining to Google what your site images are about.

If you look at the following image you will see that section 2 shows images from various people’s sites.  These image results are organic and free placements.

Image Optimization for Google Rankings

Section 2 are the organic optimized images

Implementing the 3 tricks mentioned above can get your images to show here and start driving traffic to your site.

With spots 1,3, and 4 all being paid advertising slots, 2 and 5 are the only organic, free slots left.  Slot 5 can be highly competitive depending on your keyword.

This leaves spot 2 which is one of the easiest places to rank quickly in search results.

Apply these 3 image optimization tricks to your site today.  You will be amazed how many keywords you will start ranking for immediately.

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