An Online Store Giveaway to Standout From the Crowd

Online Store Giveaway to Stand Out From the Rest

This week I didn’t want to bore you with a long post.  I thought I would share with you a short little trick my wife tried this weekend that is worth sharing.

Last week was Black Friday and today is cyber Monday. People are shopping.  I wrote last week about 5 ways to maximize your holiday online sales. Online purchasing figures are up substantially over last years numbers.  This is before the official Cyber Monday figures as well.

But increased sales doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s easier for online businesses. I fact you can argue that it’s more difficulty.  The competition is fierce.

On Friday my wife rolled over in bed and looked at her phone.  She had 14 emails all touting bigger, better, more glorious sales.

cyber monday online store emails

Here is just a snapshot of her emails today on Cyber Monday. How can you stand out here?

Everyone is vying for your attention and unfortunately it all starts to blend together.

15% off some items and then 30% off all items on clearance and then a sale on all that. Got it?

Of course not. It’s a bunch of noise.

But what if you could do something different and actually peak people’s interest.

This Black Friday, Sarah in my office came up with a great idea. Sarah is our project manager slash designer slash idea fairy.

My wife just started selling jewelry cleaning solution on her site.  It’s a relatively inexpensive item and something that just about all her customers are interested in.

online store giveaway slider

Here is the slider from her website promoting the online store giveaway item.

Sarah recommended that maybe my wife could give away a jewelry cleaner with every order of $50 during Black Friday.

It was an incredible idea and it worked. Sarah made a slider for the website and an image for an email blast.

online store giveaway email blast

Here is the email blast for the online store giveaway item that she used.

Now it’s tough to directly say how many more sales this technique was responsible for, but my wife had a good weekend.

One of the things that I think made this successful was the fact that it’s a tactile gift. People understand a gift better than they do a percentage.

It’s clear what shoppers get. It’s straight forward. Spend more than $50 and get the jewelry cleaner.  I think this, combined with the fact that she also gave a discount, pushed a lot of people over the edge.

Lastly, I think that a gift was something that not many other sites were doing. Her email subject was “FREE Gift on Pink Friday” and this got attention.

She was able to cut through some of the noise with something other than just a % off email. Competing on the largest % off is a race towards less profitability.

3 Steps To Implement Your Own Online Store Giveaway

So I leave you today with a simple idea that you can try with your ecommerce business.

1. Find something inexpensive and related to your online store.

2. Sell it alongside your other offerings.

3. Think about including it with all purchases for free or adding it as a giveaway on special occasions.

Sometimes these little gifts can have a better effect on sales than just reducing your prices along with the herd.

You can learn about lots of techniques like this in our full course on starting your online store. We go into great depth with lots of different tricks and tips to help you make your new business successful.

If you haven’t had a chance to take a peak you can learn more here. We are actually planning on raising the price next week so if you have been on the fence, now is the time.

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