Building Your Guerrilla Marketing Campus Team

Guerrilla Marketing Form

This is one of the documents from a whole collection of resources that were provided to me from now defunct  I was an on-campus marketing representative.  Read the full story of My Guerrilla Marketing Tactics On Campus With Varsity Books.

Building Your Team: An Overview

It is essential to your success that you hire highly motivated, creative, reliable, and enthusiastic students for your campus team.  To ensure strong sales, your team should represent or have diverse interests.  If you design a well-rounded team, your marketing activities will be easier and you will achieve a higher level of success on your campus.

  • Hitting your Team Size goals:
  • It is VERY important that you work hard to recruit and hire the desired number of team members for your campus. As a general rule, hire 1 team member per 1,400 students.  Talk to your Rep Coordinator about the recommended team size for your school.
  • Selling the Team Member Role to Prospective Reps:
  • When you are recruiting potential Team Members use the following as selling points:
    1. Experience—This is their chance to work for an innovative internet start-up
    2. Room for Growth—Our best Team Members often move into the Lead Rep role over time.
    3. Money—Team Members are paid $9.00 per hour and there is a bonus based on sales.
    4. Flexibility—Team Members can work anywhere from 5-40 hours during the heavy book-buying season. The more they work, the more they make!
    5. Discount on Textbooks—Starting soon, all reps will receive an additional 15% off their textbooks!!!


  • Each Team Member is required to:
  • Project a positive face of in all of your interactions with students, professors, parents, and administration officials.
  • Act as an integral part of the team.
  • Enthusiastically execute the marketing plan on campus.
  • Attend team conference calls.
  • Follow through on tasks assigned by the Lead Rep.
  • Have frequent contact with their Lead Rep (by checking e-mail/voice-mail twice daily, attending conference calls, etc.)
  • Make sure to balance your team to have a strong mixture representative of your school’s demographics and population. Remember that you will be working with this group of people for at least a few academic terms.  Keep in mind that your team needs to be cohesive to operate smoothly.
  • Some words of caution:
  • School Rules: Make sure that you check your school’s rules carefully before announcing the Team Member job description. Each school has its own regulations regarding recruiting.

Hiring Friends:  Hiring friends can create very tricky situations.  You need to have a diverse team so be careful of hiring friends that have similar connections.  Also keep in mind that you are the team leader or manager, which requires you to handle situations where team members do not follow through on the tasks assigned to them.  If a friend does not show up to work his/her assignment, you have to deal with this.  As a result, your friendship may be compromised.  However, some friends can turn out to be great Team Members because you know that you can depend on them!  Consider hiring people with whom you have worked on group projects.

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