Our Business Logo Design Experience And Quest

Our Business Logo Design Quest & Experience

Our Business Logo Design Hits & Misses

We have been doing this for a long time and have had some terrible logos and we have had some great logos.  Building our successful online businesses, I know your business logo design has little impact on the bottom line.  Before you get too crazy, let me explain.  I love design and I can appreciate design.  I collect art (nothing fancy) and enjoy beautiful things.  I appreciate the difference between what looks good and what doesn’t.  I also know that even though you are taught not to judge a book by its cover, people do.  Your first impression is your most important.  Unfortunately with an online business your business logo design is the first thing people see.

Business Logo Design First ImpressionThis is true and I do agree that it’s important.  Your business logo design needs to look professional.  It needs to portray the correct image.  That aside, you shouldn’t lose sleep over it.  Sourcing or Designing your own business logo design can often take way too much time. It is fun, like coming up with your business name.  I know this and that’s why most people spend so much time with it.  Don’t get overburdened.  Your product, service, relationships, and support will do the real work.   All more than you business logo design ever can.

DIY Business Logo Design

In the past we have tried many different avenues.  I had launched a website in college which was my first online business.  The logo was horrific now that I look back at it but I did it myself.  At the time I had an official budget of $0 and there weren’t a ton of options like there are today.  With my Ramen eating budget, I couldn’t afford to hire a professional graphic designer.  I spent a couple of days putting together my first business logo design and at the time I loved it.  Not sure what I was thinking.  If you are feeling adventurous and think you can tackle it yourself, then go for it.  My only caveat would be to make sure it looks professional.  Ask a friend if they like your business logo design once you finish it.  Don’t tell them you poured your heart and soul into it if you want an honest opinion.  Tell them you had it done by someone online and get a real opinion.

Pixellogo Business Logo Design


Logo I got from Pixellogo and then customized in Photoshop

On my next online business which still exists today, I started looking online.  I was comfortable with Photoshop but not a professional by any means.  I needed inspiration and could work with something if I had the raw source file.  I actually ended up purchasing a logo from pixellogo.  Pixellogo sells over 3000 different pre-made logos.   The logo can cost anywhere between $25 to $150.  Once you pay, you get an instant link to download the source file.  From here you can customize the wording and change it to your liking.  This approach will take a little familiarity with Photoshop or Illustrator.  I recommend pixellogo  if you are comfortable with this DIY approach.

Business Logo Design with Artists from Elance

We felt strongly, with our SaaS products (software as a service), that the names had to be memorable.  Besides a memorable name, we wanted the software to feel approachable.  The software was easy to use.  This was going to be one of our major differentiating qualities.  We decided to call a particular real estate form product Bull Forms.  We thought it was catchy and playful and achieved what we were looking for.  We also knew we could make a great business logo design playing up all these factors.

We searched online at the time to see if we could find a bull to be the inspiration for our logo.  We found one which was a toy, but decided this was going to be the basis for our design.  We had worked with a graphic designer in the past.  This project required illustrating though.  We decided it wasn’t his strong point and we would source an illustrator on Elance.  Elance is another work for hire site.  You can bid on work if you are a freelancer looking for extra money.  If you are looking to hire someone you can post your job and your budget for others to bid on.  This site is an incredible resource for programming, design, and more technical stuff.  We use this often with our online businesses.

We posted our job and listed what we were looking for with the information that we had.  We received some bids quickly but settled on a company called  Enroc Illustration out of Argentina.  Enroc is a talented team of illustrators.  We received a bid for $70 from them, which we though was more than fair.  We sent over our inspiration.  Over a couple of iterations we got Bob the Bull.  We love him and he has served us well to this day.

Business Logo Design History

This is the evolution of the process that we went through from the inspiration in the top right to the final logo at the bottom. This was what we sourced through Elance.

99 Designs Business Logo Design

Not savvy with Photoshop or Illustrator? Want a little more personalized attention for your business logo design? You may want to head over to 99 Designs. 99 Designs allows you to host your own contest. It is more expensive and starts at about $250 but you get a whole lot more personalization.  You think about what you like and what you don’t. You will define what you are looking for in a logo.  Not exactly but you can explain what you industry is and who your targeted demographic is.  The more information you provide, the better the results will be.  From here you will take this description and post it on 99 Designs to have it created. People will start submitting their designs for your review. The contest takes about a week and you can thumbs up and thumbs down items to help other entrants understand your tastes.  You can provide feedback and guide people to change designs they have submitted.  You will narrow down the submissions until you pick a winner and get the logo files.

business logo design generic submissions

Our generic business logo design submissions we received.

We used 99 Designs for our digital agency when we were looking to redesign our logo.  Unfortunately our digital agency is a generic type of service business.  There was nothing we could provide to guide designers in a specific direction.  Our name doesn’t have anything interesting to play with.  As a result, almost all the submissions were generic consulting looking logos.  We decided not to move forward with any of them.  This is partly our fault because we couldn’t give great direction.  We didn’t know what we wanted.  The other part of the problem was the industry we were in. We wasted $500 on this. I wouldn’t recommend you using 99 designs if your business doesn’t have a predominant theme or feel.  If you are unsure its not a great option.   It didn’t work for us in but has worked for thousands of other people. You can see some amazing designs there.

An Option We Never Took With Our Business Logo Design

Another option that many people use is going to the professionals.  You can hire a professional marketing company and talk about the feel and audience.  You can talk about what the logo evokes in you and whether its “punchy” enough.  You can waste lots of time and lots of money on consumer polls and other nonsense. Unfortunately we are always on a budget.  We are not launching Proctor & Gambles next cleaning material.  Starting a new online business means watching your bottom line.  You need to decide where to spend money and where not to.  This is one area that I think there are less expensive alternatives.

P&G Business Logo Design

Some of Proctor & Gambles Business Logo Designs from countless market studies and study group sessions.

Our New Business Logo Design Quest

So here we are launching our new online community Long Live The Internet.  We have worked with so many clients over the years and seen so much money wasted.  We wanted to start empowering first time entrepreneurs.  We wanted people to be able to launch their online business themselves.  There are so many tools online and so many resources now.  There is no reason to spend thousands of dollars on something you can do yourself.  So as I write this today, we don’t have a business logo design yet.  We launched the site and started writing.

We wanted to start sharing information with people immediately.  As I mentioned, I know that the business logo design is going to have little to do with the success of this community.  Success comes from people like you and the value you can get from the site.  All that aside, I know that we have to look the part.  Some of you may not have even read this far if we left our original “business logo design” up.  You judge for yourself.  We are going to try and source our logo from one of our favorite secret sites.

Business Logo Design No Design

Behold the breathtaking beauty of this captivating logo

Our Business Logo Design Attempt with Fiverr

The last option and most affordable is option is to go to Fiverr.  For those of you who have never heard of it, let me blow your mind.  This site lets you shop through thousands of different services.  These services range from writing articles, to making videos and creating logos. The beauty is that all these service cost $5.  That’s right $5.  You would be amazed at the quality of work that we have received over the years from people for $5.  You can’t even get a footlong sub anymore for $5.

fiverr business logo designs

Some of the people offering logo design services on fiverr. Mostly from foreign countries.

Caveat emptor:  This site does have a lot of poor quality vendors.  There are also tons of amazing vendors on Fiverr.  You have to dig through and review the work.  I can’t tell you the number of things we have done through Fiverr. Many have blown away my expectations.  Check peoples review and don’t be the first person to try someone out.  Take a look at their past work and make sure its in line with your expectations.

With all the things that we have purchased on Fiverr, oddly we have never tried a business logo design.  This is going to be our first attempt to source a logo from Fiverr for $5.  I’m going first start by trolling through all the postings.  I’m going to find someone that lives in America. From my experience dealing with design related jobs, ideally I look for an American.  There is no problem with other countries.  I just feel from a design aesthetic there are cultural differences in taste.  If I can find someone in America with work that I like and good taste, I’m going to give it a whirl.  I will be back to report.

Follow Up To Story

2/26/15 – I remembered a while back getting an email from Fiverr about a Mother and Son graphic design team that had great success on the site and people were loving their designs.  I searched it and found them.  They are from the US and I had read their story which connected with me.  Here is the Story if you are interested.  So I went to their gig and I have just placed my order for a logo.  The cost was $5 for one logo and they had an option to supersize to $15 to get three different business logo design options.  I went for it.  When I placed my order I received some automated questions from them.  Below are the questions and how I responded.

Please provide us some brief answers to a few of the following questions:

1. Your company name as you would like it to appear.

Long Live The Internet

2. Are there any color(s) you would like to use?

No preference. Trusting your judgement.

3. Your business website URL if you have one. This will help us understand your business a little better. It won’t appear with the logo unless you request it.


4. Any other details you feel might help us create something awesome for you.

The name obviously is a play off long live the king so possibly a kings crown incorporated into the logo. The business about starting online businesses and making money online for beginners.

So now we sit back and see what we get.  I will be back to show you the results of our Fiverr business logo design.  The site says the order is expected in 7 days.  Until then..

Business Logo Design Fiverr Wait Time

Here is the wait message on Fiverr. Love the scooter.

3/05/15 – I woke up this morning to look at my phone and see our attempts at our new business logo design were complete.  I have to admit I was very interested to see what they had come up with.

Business Logo Design Done Fiverr

So I opened up the app and below are the submissions I received.  I will hold any comments or judgement for a couple of days while I talk them over with Bob.  Until then here they are.

Long Live The Internet Business Logo Designs


3/7/15 – So I sat with Bob and we talked through the designs.  Right off the bat we weren’t into the first option.  I have to admit that my first inclination was number 3.  I let Bob take a look and see which he liked without telling him the one I liked.  He liked two but didn’t like the Wi-Fi rings.  I thought three was cool because I liked the orange color and the font looked nice.  We tried plugging in number 3 on the site and Bob noticed something.  He said that the globe under the crown looked a lot like the Toyota symbol but cut off.  I was ruined.  He was right.  It was the Toyota symbol.  We tried removing the globe and just blowing up the crown in the same spot.  It didn’t work.  Then we went to number 2.  We removed the wi-fi and increased the size of the crown.  It was a success.  We loved it.  It looked clean.   It had a recognizable icon that we could use to create a browser tab icon.  We were settled.  We emailed back through Fiverr the changes we wanted.  Within an hour we received the final versions.  Take a look.

Long Live The Internet Logo

The Birth Of Something New and Exciting



Here is a cool mockup of how the business logo design would look on letterhead that they threw in for free


So all and all I was incredibly happy with the results.  We paid a total of $15.  We got three options and ended up slightly revising one that we ultimately went with.  We are not the pickiest of clients so I suppose that helped out.  If you wanted more you could just keep spending $5 for more options.  At that price its tough to go wrong.  You aren’t going to break the bank and you can get your business logo design completed for cheap.

The last step of this process was to show some love.  As I had mentioned before there are a lot of unqualified vendors on Fiverr but there are plenty of great ones.  To help other people find the great ones, you have to write a review and pay it forward.  Below is our review.

Reviewing Our Business Logo Design

Have you just finished your logo design and want a cool favicon now for your site like this?

Our Final Browser Tab Icon

The Mona Lisa

Learn now with our step-by-step walk-through how to make your own browser tab icon.


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