Campus Marketing Communication With Your Team

Guerrilla Marketing Form

This is one of the documents from a whole collection of resources that were provided to me from now defunct  I was an on-campus marketing representative.  Read the full story of My Guerrilla Marketing Tactics On Campus With Varsity Books.

Campus Marketing Communication

Maintaining communication with your team and with is ESSENTIAL to ensure your success as a Rep Team. is always here to discuss tricky situations, including management issues, advertising difficulties, strict school policies, pricing issues, etc.  We’re happy to share creative marketing ideas, unique methods to enroll affiliate groups, and help you create promotional activities unique to your on campus.  Do not hesitate to contact your Rep Coordinator.  Solving simple issues early prevents the issues from becoming massive problems later on.


A few important points on communication with your team

  • Having productive and focused team meetings throughout the term is a great way to make sure that communication remains at the forefront of your management style. You can use team meetings to discuss administrative issues, devise creative marketing plans, and resolve any difficulties that arise.  Well planned and executed meetings will help unify your diversely networked team and keep members focused on the task at hand, promoting
  • Once you have hired your team, you should schedule an informational meeting. If you would like your Rep Coordinator to co-facilitate this meeting with you via conference call, please let him or her know.

The first team meeting:

  • The approach:
    • Make sure to be friendly and professional.
    • Encourage participation wherever possible.
  • Topics to be addressed in this meeting include:
    • The Welcome

It is vital that everyone on your team gets to know each other.  Have everyone introduce him or herself.  Ask them to say something funny about themselves.

  • com Goals
  • Raise awareness of on your campus.
  • Drive students, professors, and parents to the website.
  • Get people to buy their books from us.
  • Describe Penetration Rate

The penetration rate is an important measure of your marketing initiatives on campus.  Sales figures will be presented in terms of penetration rate.  Penetration rate is defined at the number of undergraduate sales on your campus divided by the FTUE (or Full-time Undergraduate enrollment).

  • Important Company Background Information
  • Shipping: flat-rate charge, speed of delivery options (1-3 business days guaranteed, 2nd day Air with UPS)
  • Payment methods accepted
  • Secured order environment,
  • Special contests or giveaways
  • Coupons/discounts for the semester
  • Affiliate program links
  • Out of stock books/pager system
  • The Marketing Plan
  • Go over the plan you have designed and ask for input.
  • Go over supplies and all available marketing resources such as flyers, posters, coupons, giveaways, setting up tables, t-shirts, and others.
  • Go over your school’s marketing and advertising rules and regulations
  • Explain Affiliate Program and why it is essential to the success of the marketing campaign
  • Paperwork/Administrative Issues

The paperwork for each of your team members is VERY important.  Have them fill out:

  • Non-disclosure forms: Before you continue with the rest of the meeting, team members MUST sign an NDA.  Since we trust our rep teams to handle sensitive information, we need to ensure that all of this information “stays in the family.”
  • Urgent Contact Information Sheet
  • W-4 form
  • I-9 form
  • Direct Deposit Forms
  • Calendar on when timesheets due dates and pay days
  • Honor System for timesheets
  • Bonuses Web site

  • How to log on
  • Materials available on-line
  • Completing timesheets
  • Submitting time sheets for approval


  • Some lead representatives compile newsletters for their teams. Newsletters keep the team informed.
    • Look at some sample newsletters in this section for helpful suggestions.
    • Newsletters are not essential but are an easy and fun way to communicate with your team.
    • Newsletters also provide excitement in team members’ boxes (at least it is not a bill or advertisement!).


  • E-mail is an easy and rapid mean to communicate with your team members.
    • Most students check their e-mail regularly and enjoy receiving e-mails. Be careful that your team members do not accidentally trash your e-mail before reading it.  Sometimes students are bombarded with trash e-mails and throw away important information by mistake.
    • Make your subject headings interesting to catch your team members’ attention.

A few closing points on communication:

  • It is important to maintain strong communication with Inform the company of any difficulties early, so that we can work through them together.  We are here to help you and welcome any questions, comments, or concerns no matter how trivial they may seem to you.
  • Work with your Rep Coordinator to decide upon your schedule for checking in with him or her.

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