Double Your Email Marketing List Subscription Rate For Free

Double Subscribers for your Email Marketing List For Free

In the world of online business email is King.

Despite the fact that every social network offers advertising, email is still the winner.  Email still boasts the highest eCommerce conversion rates

You can promote Pins,  retarget on Facebook,  and pay for Discovery on StumbleUpon.  All these options are exciting advertising avenues that work.  They all still pail in comparison to good old email.

There are many studies supporting emails superior conversion rates. In particular this graph, from Statista, shows the conversion rates of US online shoppers.  The data is from the first quarter of 2014.

Conversion rate of different advertising options

US Conversion rates of online shoppers for the 1st quarter 2014, by traffic source

While the data is a little dated, it’s clear that email converts far better than other traffic sources.

Your Email Marketing List Has No Recurring Cost

Apart from a higher conversion rate, email advertising is cheaper than other advertising mediums.  If you own your email marketing list and your email subscribers, you can send an email when you please.

There is no cost to sending this email.  Apart from the monthly fee to your email sending service like Constant Contact or MailChimp, you have no other cost.

So now that I have shown you that email converts better and is less expensive, lets see how to get people on your email marketing list.

How My Wife Originally Got People on Her Email Marketing List

From the launch of my wifes site, I have stressed to her the importance of building an email list.  If you build a large enough list, you have a captive audience to share your messages with.  This email marketing list becomes a valuable asset because it converts to sales.

To build her list she has an opt-in at the bottom of every page of her website.  Additionally, she advertises a 10% discount by joining her email list.

The Giveaway for joining the email marketing list


An important part of getting people to join your email marketing list is to reward them.  You have to provide people with something in return.

You have to make a convincing argument and tell them what they can expect from you in exchange for joining your list.  Whether it’s a giveaway or a discount code, it doesn’t matter.  It just must be fair for both parties.

Besides her discount and lots of opt in boxes, she has 3 different op-tins on her “About Us” page.

All 3 spots are for joining the same email list.  If you take a look at your traffic data, you will see your “About Us” page is popular.   It’s where people get comfortable with your site.

Make sure to have your subscribe boxes clear and make your case why visitors  should subscribe.

Adding Email Optins to About Us Page

Her Original Email Marketing List Campaign Was Successful

She used this method for her first 9 months in business.  All these tactics were working.  Sure enough she was getting 3 to 4 subscribers a day.  These are not hugely impressive numbers but progress none-the-less.

She started from 0 and was able to get 1000 subscribers to her email list pretty quickly.

Again these are not envious numbers but a foundation to build from.  Traffic on her site continued to grow and 1-2 new subscribers a day went to 2-3 and then to 3-4.

This was great and it was slowly organically growing.

She has been prepared to slowly grow traffic.  She has done so with different things like finding bloggers and marketing on YouTube.

Where The Inspiration Came From

Last week Bob was adding a popup onto our site here.   We are also looking to continue to help people start their online businesses. So if you aren’t on our list, jump on now.  I will send you our list of 50 secret resources we use to make money online.  🙂

Now the popups Bob was adding aren’t true popups as you may remember from back in the day.

Old School Popup Windows

These are the new school of popups.  They gracefully enter from the bottom corner of your screen.  They are sleek and sexy.  OK maybe not sexy.  But they are unobtrusive.

Email Marketing List Animated Gif

The other thing to note is that they convert.  These new popups are extremely effective.  As of last week, I added the slide up opt-in to my wifes site and here are the numbers.

new susbscribers to email marketing list

Simply by adding this new popup, she has been able to add another 2 people a day to her email marketing list.

NOTE:  These additionals subscribers have not resulted in a decrease to her other sign up boxes.

Her Email Marketing List Magic Trick and Its Cost (spoiler alert: FREE)

The beauty of this particular trick is that its FREE.  That’s correct.  You read it right.  Absolutely free.  There is no cost for this service.

This magic trick is a service called SumoMe.   SumoMe lets you create an account and install email popups at no cost.

small print: They do offer a paid option but you can get away with the free version for now.  

Setting Up The Free Email Marketing List Doubler from SumoMe

It’s not really called the doubler but lets start from the beginning.  Your first step is to go to   From here you will click on the big green Try It Now in the middle of the screen.

Try Now To Build your Email Marketing LIst

Your next step is to enter your email address and click submit.

Setting Up your SumoMe Account

Next you will see a window open with a little bit of code.  Don’t get nervous.  Relax.  You got this.  

code to add the optin email subscription box

Installing the Opt In Box For Your Email Marketing List

With the code now copied to your clipboard, you are going to edit your website and look for the <head> </head> tags.

If you are using Shopify you can follow the detailed directions in this post here.  Just scroll down towards the bottom. You add the code in the same spot.

If you aren’t using Shopify you will just need to navigate to the global header part of your website.  This is the part that repeats on all pages of your website.  Its where your meta tags and analytics tracking info is also inserted.

Once you locate the part on your site, you will merely paste that one line between the <head> and </head> tags and save the page.

Once you updated it, you will navigate to your website home page.  If you look in the bottom right corner of your website you will now see a tiny blue line that looks like this.

Little Blue Bar Hiding on SumoMe

Click on the blue bar and you will be prompted to complete your signup process.  Once you complete the signup, you are going to see a little popup with options like so.

Initial setup email building marketing list

Click on the green button that says  Sumo  Store.  From here you are going to see the email apps at the top of the screen.  There are a couple of different options here but for this example I’m going to show you how to setup the slide in optin box.  You will click on the red icon that says Scroll Box.

Scrolling Box for Email Subscribers

Once you select scroll box click on the FREE button and then click on the Open button.

Scroll bo sumo me on shopify

You may be prompted now to select a plan.  This is where they will try to convince you to upgrade.  My recommendations at this point are to just select free.

Choose Free for Building your email marketing list

I want you to be aware of one thing about the free version.  That little blue bar that you saw on your site to get into SumoMe will remain on your site.

Other people will be able to see that as well.  If you are particular about this and think that it’s intrusive, you may have to consider upgrading.  This blue bar can’t be hidden without upgrading.

In my opinion I don’t think anyone even notices it.  I’m not even sure my wife has seen it on her site.

Configure Your New Email Marketing List  Opt-In Box

Now you are rolling.  The first thing you want to do is pause the box while you are working on it.

If you don’t have any traffic on your site then it doesn’t matter much.  I prefer to make sure we have all our ducks in a row before its active and up on the site.


Now that its paused you are going to click on the design tab.  This is where you are going to change the look of the box.  You don’t have a ton of options but I like to change it a little to match  your site.

If you don’t want to touch any of this you don’t have to.  Out of the box it looks pretty and has a nice message.  But lets go ahead and change it to look like your site.


I would recommend you change the button color to match a primary color on your website.  Additionally you can customize your message and your give away for joining your list.

Once you have added that, you can click on the word success at the top of the page.  From here you can customize the screen people see after they subscribe.


In my wifes case, she gives the code immediatly on the success page.   She doesn’t need to make them go to their email inbox to get the code.  If someone is ready, willing and able to buy, why get in their way.  For this reason we added the code right after they put their email in.

But what if they enter a fake email? you ask.

Who cares?  She’s giving them a code to get a discount on a sale.  If they don’t want to give a real email address, its not a problem.  They still are buying something.

If you are giving a free giveaway like an informational product you may not want to give them access right away.  You may want to force them to confirm their email.

Feeling Extra Adventurous: If you are comfortable, you can go into the tabs below design for Behavior and Display Rules.  From here you can further define what side of the screen the window will come in from.  You can set how it will slide in, and at what point during the customers session.  You can include and exclude pages to be shown on.  For simplicity we will leave these as they are.

Connect Your Email Popup To Your Email Marketing List

Our last step is to connect the email box to your email marketing list.  Without connecting to your email service, the emails aren’t being collected.  You will click on the tab on the left title Services.  Here you will see a list of all the email services that SumoMe works with.


Select your email service from the list and connect your account.  My wife uses MailChimp and below is the screen that appeared.  Once you login, you link to the specific email marketing list and save your settings.

setting up mailchimp with sumome on shopify

Now your last step is to reactivate the popup so it starts showing on your website.  Switch the toggle back to Active and you are off and running.


Now you can head back to your website to see it appear yourself.  Note once you close it out, it won’t show again for another 10 days.  You can configure this to any timeframe you want from the settings.  Don’t get nervous though, if you don’t see it a second time.


The final product.

The Email Marketing List Builder 5000

I can’t stress enough how effective this one little change has been.  The numbers are clear with subscriptions.   This free little powerful tool should be installed now.

What is yet to be seen is whether unsubscribe rates on these particular opt-ins are different.  Are these subscribers possibly less engaged?  Are they less likely to open or click through on emails.

Only time will tell, but rest assured, I will report back if that’s the case.

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