First Guerrilla Marketing Campus Team Meeting Agenda

Guerrilla Marketing Form

This is one of the documents from a whole collection of resources that were provided to me from now defunct  I was an on-campus marketing representative.  Read the full story of My Guerrilla Marketing Tactics On Campus With Varsity Books.

First Team Meeting Agenda

Note:  This initial team meeting may be co-facilitated with a Rep Coordinator via conference call.  Please talk to your Coordinator about setting up a specific time.

Topic Points to Cover Notes to Yourself Timeframe
The Welcome  Welcome them to the team!Have everyone introduce himself or herself.  Ask them to say something funny about themselves.   Make sure to convey your own enthusiasm 10-15 minutes Goals Raise awareness of on your campus.Drive students, professors, and parents to the website.Encourage people to buy their books from us.  Always refer back to these goals 2-3 minutes
Important Company Background Information Shipping: flat-rate charge, delivery methods/timesPayment methods acceptedSecured order environment

Special contests or giveaways

Coupons/discounts for the semester

Affiliate program links

Out-of-stock books/pager system


 Conduct oral quiz at next meeting.  Give out candy to the winners. 15 minutes
The Marketing Plan  Go over the plan you have designed and ask for input.Go over supplies and all available marketing resources such as flyers, posters, coupons, giveaways, setting up tables, t-shirts, and others.Go over your school’s marketing and advertising rules and regulations

Explain Affiliate Program and why it is essential to the success of the marketing campaign

10-15 minutes
Paperwork/Administrative Issues  The paperwork for each of your team members is VERY important.  Have them fill out:Non-disclusure forms:  Before you continue with the rest of the meeting, team members MUST sign an NDA.  Since we trust our rep teams to handle sensitive information, we need to ensure that all of this information “stays in the family.”Urgent Contact Information Sheet

W-4 form & I-9 form

Direct Deposit Forms

Go over calendar on when timesheets due dates and pay days.

Honor System for timesheets


Describe penetration rate. (Penetration rate is defined at the number of undergraduate sales on your campus divided by the FTUE or full-time undergraduate enrollment).

15-20 minutes Web Site How to log on: username and passwordMaterials available on-lineCompleting timesheets

Submitting time sheets for


When they get paid

When timesheets need to be completed (see provided calendar)

Go through on computer if possible. 5 minutes
Campus Specific Details  



Closing Thank them for their timeDismiss those who don’t have questionsQuestion and Answer session for those who have questions. Make sure to collect paperwork!!

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