Give Something To Get Something – Downloadable File on Shopify

Give away a pdf on shopify to get emails for your online store

You have heard of them before.  Sales Triggers.  These are triggers that nudge someone in the direction of a sale.  To increase your chances of making a sale, you can play with these triggers.

The core principles of sales or persuasion are below.

1. Authority or Knowledge

2. Commitment & Consistency

3. Liking or Getting to Know Someone

4. Social Proof or Testimonials

5. Scarcity or Limited Time offers

6. And the last but one I want to talk about today Reciprocity

NOTE: If you want to read a great book about these principles, read Influence by Cialdini

The concept of reciprocity is the idea of giving something to get something.  When people receive a gift or sample, they feel obliged to reciprocate.

This principle is used at the supermarket when they offer you a sample of food or at department stores when they do your makeup for free.

Once you have tried the cheese or sat through a makeup session, you feel obliged to buy something.  Obviously this does not work on everyone but as a whole, it works more than it doesn’t.

So why can’t we apply this same principle online?

NEWS FLASH: We can and we did.

Align The Offer With The Visitor

So we understand how this principle works, but how can we implement it.  I wrote before about how I doubled my email marketing list for free.

What if we took these same principles, and instead of offering a discount, we offer a downloadable PDF?

You see, not everyone is motivated by the same triggers at the same time.  You have to align the appropriate message at the right time.

My wife has a lot of content on her fashion jewelry blog.  This results in many visitors stumbling onto her site with no intention of shopping.  They are reading or researching jewelry related topics.

Because these visitors came by to read content, means throwing a discount code at them is useless.  If you came to the site to read an article, you’re probably not interested in a discount to buy jewelry right away.

subscribe to get a download

I have to warm you up.  I have to push some psychological triggers and make you an appropriate offer first.  A couple weeks ago I made the first change to start bringing these people in when I talked about using your ecommerce blog to sell.

As an additional measure, I decided to change our offer up a little.

Using the same popups, I created an offer to download a pdf with jewelry cleaning tips.  I show this popup to people who were reading content on the site but not looking at products.  This way I can interest content readers with more content.

Downloadable File on Shopify

Once they are on my email list, I can build a relationship with the reader.  I can slowly introduce many of the principles of sales including trust, authority, and social proof.  If you create this flow, and put enough people through the routine, you can convert them into sales.

But What Content Can We Give Away

People love content they can download and save on their computer.  There is something nice about the permanence of being able to download a book.  Read it on your own time, wherever you want.

This can be replicated for any type of online business.  If you sell electric shavers, create a pdf document about shaving secrets or the 5 best shavers on the market.

NOTE: I use the term “book” lightly.  This can be a 3 page document of which 1 page is your sales pitch.  Deliver quality content and build a relationship with the reader.  Good content doesn’t have to be tons of pages.

Giving Away Your Content To Make A Sale

Once I had the pdf created, I needed to add it to my wife’s site.  People needed to be able to download it and I want them on her site as much as possible.  Seems easy enough right?

Not so fast.  

I thought about it and realized I hadn’t actually added any files to her site before.  Apart from images, I hadn’t uploaded a PDF for people.  Here are the simple steps to do it yourself if you are using Shopify.  If you are using another platform it’s equally as easy.

Adding a Downloadable file to your Shopify Site

1. Go to Settings on the menu on the left of your Shopify Admin Panel.

2. Click on Files from the new menu that appears.

3.  This will take you to the file manager where you will click on “Upload files” from top of the screen.

4.  Navigate to the file on your computer and upload the file to Shopify.

5.  Once uploaded, you will highlight the URL in the box next to the file name.

6.  Copy that URL and click back on the menu to navigate to the Online Store tab.

7.  From here you are going to “Pages” to create a new page.  This is where you are going to send people to download the file.

8.  Select “Add page” at the top of the screen and name the page what you want.

9.  Now you want to dress the page up a little.  Maybe you say Congratulations and put a nice picture.

10.  I included a picture of the cover of the pdf that you can see below.

Downloadable file on Shopify

11.  Lastly you are going to highlight the text you want to trigger the download.  You can also make an image clickable to download the file.

12.  Once you have selected the image or the text on the page, click on the hyperlink button.  (The one that looks like an infiniti sign leaning over)

13.  Now paste in the link or URL that you copied from the Files page and save your changes.

14.  Publish your page and you are good to go.

15.  Now once someone opts into your email list you will send them to this page to receive their content.  This should be the first of a number of emails that you send this potential lead.

The Principles of Sales Sell

If you follow these core principles, and use them over the course of a week or two, you will start to convert into sales.  Trust the sales principles and use them to excite your customers and build trust with your brand.

Remember that no two visitors are exactly the same.  You have to treat everyone a little differently.  Each person has different triggers that resonate with them.  You can’t approach everyone the same way.

Now go create your own downloadable giveaway to start engaging with your customers.

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