Guerrilla Marketing Administrative Obstacles

Guerrilla Marketing Form

This is one of the forms from a whole collection of forms that were provided to me from now defunct  I was an on-campus marketing representative.  Read the full story of My Guerrilla Marketing Tactics To Drive Online Sales.

Administrative Obstacles

  1. Your Marketing activities “Are against the Institution’s Best interest.”

What to say:

  • Sir or Madam, we are finally offering students an alternate way to buy their textbooks. The savings, convenience, and choice offered to the students by here at _____ University is something that is in the students’ best interest. This is an internship that offers me the opportunity to take advantage of the free market, and I have the right to let my peers know a better way to save time and money.

What to do:

Get a name or a business card of whom you spoke with (Sometimes different administrators say different things):

  • Many Reps speak to individuals who give them permission to do certain marketing activities, and then are faced with other administrators who claim the policies are different.
  • If you have a business card/ official name or title, you can refer to the particular administrator who gave you permission to do the activity.


  1. Administrators tell you that you can’t____________(poster, flyer, set up a table etc.).

What to say:

  • I apologize Mr./Mrs. _____. I was not aware that (flyering) was against the rules here at the union (or wherever you are).

What to do:   

  • You and your team members, stop your alleged illegal activity.
  • This is where it is important to ALWAYS know your rules.
  • And have a copy on you at ALL TIMES, verifying your rights.
  • A lot of times there are gray areas therefore you must do the following:
  • Get the name of the administrator who has stopped your activities or filed the complaint.
  • Send a copy of your rules to your Rep Coordinator.
  • Talk to the Rep Coordinator about what you should do.

If your rights are being infringed upon, legal assistance will be available.

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