Outsource Your Blogging For Your Online Business

Outsource Your Blogging For Your Online Business

Whether you are blogging or not for your online business, its time to take it seriously.

One of the easiest ways to draw traffic in to your site is through blogging.  Not just any blogging but targeted, relevant, valuable content.

But when are you supposed to take time to do that?  You are trying to run a business and take care of everything else.

You’re Not Alone

Many of you are smaller businesses or one man operations.  I understand this.  This means that sometimes you just don’t have time to do everything.  But that doesn’t mean you have to forgive blogging all together.

There are options for you.  Why not outsource your blogging?

On some of the sites that we work with, we outsource the blogging or portions of the blogging process.  Let me explain further.

Getting Down To Business

Using a site like Elance (they are changing their name to UpWork), I have been able to post writing jobs and find incredible writers.

Outsource Blogging Upwork Elance

The cost of these bloggers can range anywhere from $10 a blog post to $100 a post.

I prefer to post a job as 4 introductory blog posts.  I ask them to bid on the cost of 4 blog posts to use as trial period.  Ideally you are looking for someone for the long term.  You don’t want people cycling in and out.  It’s just more complicated and tougher to teach them how you want the blogs completed.

I personally stay around the $15 price as it’s what I’m willing to pay for each post.  Remember this is just for the text.  When you get it back it will still need work.  You may also have extra costs if you want graphics or proofreading.

Find the Right Match

Try and get feel for the writer ahead of time.  I always post what our website is about and what they will be writing about.  I ask that they are comfortable with the writing topic and I also try and match the writer with the feel of the site.  Don’t underestimate the tone you are looking to convey.  It’s important.

If you are selling fishing gear, you probably want someone comfortable in this world.  Do they know the lingo?  Can they talk the talk?  You don’t want people to be able to tell you outsource your blogging.  You want the writer to be able to relate with your readers and customers.

picking person to blog for your site

Maybe she’s not the best choice.

If you don’t want to publicize your url in the job posting, don’t.  Just make sure once you have narrowed down the herd, that you give them the url and the chance to review your site.

You want to make sure they are comfortable with you, as much as you are comfortable with them.

Put It In Writing

Once I agree to have someone write for us, I make sure they are willing to sign an agreement formalizing the terms.

You need to make sure you are protected.  You will be paying for ownership of the writing.  You don’t want anyone to be able to claim ownership at a later point.  You also want to make clear there are no extra royalties that they receive later on.

Protect yourself up front so there are no surprises later.  For a free copy of the agreement that I use, you can Download The Agreement Now.  I can’t make any claims to the suitability of the agreement for you.  I always recommend you consult with an attorney to make sure it covers your specific case.

Show Me The Money

Once you have a signed agreement, Elance has a great escrow process.  You can make each blog post a milestone.  You don’t have to release the funds for each post until after you receive it.  I use PayPal to fund the escrow.  The money sits with Elance until you agree to release it.  This makes the blogger comfortable while protecting yourself. Pay for Writer to Blog After your agreement is signed and your escrow is funded, you want to discuss details.  You want to make clear what you are looking for in your post. I prefer to do the keyword research myself and then provide the blogger with it.  I generally let them run with the Title, story and blog post.  I give them the keyword phrase for each post. I also provide them with explicit instructions. I outline these specific things in detail in our new book that is coming out shortly. Make sure you are on our email list to be notified when the book is available for FREE on Amazon. You can join at the bottom of the page here.

The reason I give all the instructions up front is that I want to be clear with the writer.  The better the instructions, the less editing you will have to do later.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Lastly it’s important to understand that outsourcing doesn’t work in all cases.  For example here on Long Live The Internet we don’t outsource any of our blog posts.  We are trying to connect with our readers.

I want you and any other reader to feel that connection with me.  When I write and tell stories on the site I want people to know they are true and honest.  But that is not an ecommerce site.  Our primary goal here, is to build a community.

blogging outsourcing for sites

Our community is like a bunch of hugging elephants in the dirt. Or something like that…

For our online businesses we are trying to build sales.   Some people still prefer to stick with a more personal feel.  This is a preference that you will have to decide for yourself.  You have to decide the angle you want to take with your brand and the tone.

If you are the face of your online store, then maybe outsourcing is not an option.  Maybe you should be writing all the posts yourself.  Make sure you read our 4 common ecommerce blogging mistakes post.

Its your call but don’t overlook outsourcing all or portions of your blogging process.

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