Starting An Online Business Checklist Sample

Starting An Online Business Checklist

Starting An Online Business Checklist For Your Business

It happens to me all the time.  I start the day trying to keep track of everything I want to accomplish that day.  I mix this up with the household items my wife told me along with my own personal items.  I feel like I’m ready to go and the phone rings.  Something comes out of left field.  You weren’t planning on this and now you spend 20 minutes dealing with it.  You get off the phone and you forgot what you were doing.

You’re cooked.

If you don’t have a list to come back to, you are done.  You are going to forget to get the milk on the way home and your wife or husband is going to give it you.  I know.  I have been there.  Starting an online business is no different.  You must create your own Starting An Online Business checklist.

One of the most important steps to starting an eCommerce business is organizing with a To-Do list. It sounds so basic and simple yet so many people avoid it. Most people don’t know where to start.  You need to start somewhere.

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A Mission Without a Plan Is No Plan At All

Your first step is to actually create your own starting an online business checklist.  If you don’t have a list of priorities and tasks you can get overwhelmed.  You are working frantically in a million directions without a plan. Some people swear by formal business plans or strategies.  I can tell you from launching many businesses over the years, the quickest, most efficient way, is a simple list.

There are a lot of different online tools that you can use to make your lists and stay organized. Trello is an option that people love that allows you to group and organize your to-dos and ideas. It is free and worth looking at. Other people use a simple to-do list offered in Gmail or Microsoft Outlook. These will work.  There are many other fancy to do applications online.  After using many of them, my to-do list of choice is an old school notepad.

I know it sounds silly.  We are talking about building an online business here.  There is something to be said about a tactile piece of paper or notepad. Paper allows me to glance down from the computer and see it. I have dozens of tabs open while I’m working and I get lost if my list is also online.  There is a small sense of accomplishment that I get from physically checking something off the list. I can feel progress, and this is what keeps me moving forward.

Starting An Online Business Checklist

A good trusty notepad goes a long way. Regardless of what you decide on, staying organized with a list is crucial when starting an eCommerce business. There are a ton of things to do and thinking about them all can be overwhelming. Don’t think about the big project, focus on your list and systematically address each of the items.

Approaching each little task individually allows you move towards the ultimate goal.  Avoid feeling overwhelmed and make small accomplishments towards the final outcome.

Lets Make Your Starting An Online Business Checklist

The first step to creating your own starting an online business checklist is to start with a list of all the imaginable things you are going to have to do. This should be a comprehensive list.  It should include everything from deciding on a name to sourcing your products and images.

Start with a blank piece of paper and write down every item that you can think of.  It doesn’t have to be in order and it doesn’t have to be organized at first. Write them down as they come to you. You can clean them up later.  Just write.

Once you have a long list of items you can start to reorganize them or group them by order. With a new piece of paper or on the computer, start putting them in the order that you believe they will be completed. Once they are down and ordered, you need to go through the list and read it sequentially.

You most certainly, at this point, will have an additional half a dozen items. That’s perfect. Write them down and continue to put them on your list.

The list is a living creature and will continue to change as you continue on your journey of starting an eCommerce business.

To give you a jump start and some ideas we have included our own Starting An Online Business checklist that I personally used when starting an eCommerce business for my wife.

With our checklist you will have a nice starting point. Each business is a little different and therefore will have a different list.

This starting an online business checklist should at the very least give you an idea of the types of things to put on your list. So don’t fret and get overwhelmed when starting your eCommerce business; make a checklist.

Starting An Online Business Checklist List

Our Starting An Online Business Checklist

  • Define your startup capital $$
  • Decide on a name
  • Register your domain name
  • Setup your email
  • File your corporate paperwork
  • Get a federal Tax id EIN
  • Register with the State for Sales Tax
  • Setup your bank account
  • Fund your account
  • Get checks and debit/credit card
  • Get a phone number
  • Decide on an accounting strategy
  • Design your logo
  • Define your color palette and site style
  • Decide on your sales platform
  • Setup your online sales platform
  • Get a launch static page up with email opt-in
  • Start letting people know you are working on your project
  • Decide on payment processing and apply
  • Compile a list of Brands/Suppliers
  • Contact the brands to determine requirements and ordering terms
  • Compile a breakdown of initial intended products and cost allocation
  • Make sure your list has enough assortment and variations (sizes,types)
  • Determine if vendor has product photos or you are responsible
  • Place vendor orders
  • Start compiling product photos
  • Resize photos and remove backgrounds or standardize
  • Get additional images or logos from vendors
  • Register all your social network accounts
  • Start writing original product descriptions
  • Start adding products to your platform
  • Decide on packaging and shipping and order materials
  • Order business cards or flyers
  • Create a Google analytics account
  • Start creating backlinks while researching
  • Write a blog post or two about getting started and yourself
  • Define a launch date and start building hype socially
  • Compile a list of friends and family emails
  • Create a friends and family discount code
  • Open your site
  • Send an email announcement to everyone you know
  • Update status on all social network sites
  • Submit your site to Google for indexing
  • Make a schedule for social updates
  • Ask friends for referrals
  • Setup Google AdWords account and other CPC campaigns
  • Create backlinks socially and other ways
  • Monitor your funds and reconcile books
  • Create list of local sales opportunities or events
  • Create a list of partnership organizations
  • Rinse and repeat all of your content, product updates, blogging and social sharing

This particular Starting An Online Business Checklist comes from our complete step by step guide to Creating an Online Store.

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