Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy

Worst Enemy

Funny story. By now you all know that my wife runs an online children’s clothing store. You might not know that I live in a condo. I am not sure the reason, but I prefer condo living.

We keep most of my wife’s inventory in a spare closet in our condo. The holiday season brings about holiday bazaars and shows. We have covered why you might want to consider selling at shows even if you are an online store. As an online store, you do not have to worry about moving around your inventory. When you are selling at a physical location, you very much need to worry about moving your inventory.

We have lived in this condo for about a year. For the last year, every time that my wife was participating in a show or bazaar I would take plastic bins out of the closet and pack them in her car. Her store has grown and we have trimmed down how many products she is taking to shows, but we still take 7 plastic bins, 5 display cases and a clothing rack.

Can you guess how I would transport these items from the closet to my wife’s car?

That’s right, I would take each plastic bin one by one, or sometimes I would take two at a time if I really felt like getting a good workout.

I have done this so many times that I have even devised a system to make the process “easier”. I take the bins out of the closet and stack them near the elevator on my floor. Then I would call the elevator and move all of the bins into the elevator. I would then empty the bins into the lobby and start transporting the bins one by one, or two by two into my wife’s trunk.

Pretty good system right?

I am guessing that of the people reading this right now, 50% would think this is a great idea, while the other 50% are thinking I’m an idiot.

I am going to blow the minds of the 50% that are currently admiring my very manual and sweat inducing system of moving items from a closet to a car.

Why not use a dolly?

Boom! I told you. Minds blown.


Over the course of a year I have run this fool’s errand close to 20 times. Remember, the inventory also has to go back into the closet from the car when it returns. How much time have I wasted? How much physical labor have I done?

No more. It was time for me to work smart. I purchased a dolly at my local Office Depot for $39.99. I honestly cannot think of a better purchase I have made recently.

Dolly receipt from office depot

With taxes it was a bit more than $39.99, but you get the point.

The dolly made the process dramatically easier. I finished in under 20 minutes and I did not even break a sweat. What was I thinking for the last year. Why wouldn’t I have bought a dolly earlier in the year?

For $39.99 I reduced an extremely time consuming and sweat inducing task down to a 15 stroll through the park.

Dollys lined up for purchase

Look at all of those magical time saving dollys. I might buy more.

Reflecting on the past year I tried to make sense of my reasoning for not buying a dolly right away. It wasn’t a money issue, I could have most likely found a cheaper dolly on Amazon if money was a concern.

I wasn’t skeptical of the dolly concept. It makes sense, a dolly would make my life easier. I would have agreed to that argument no matter who made it.

While I have not been able to nail down the exact reason why it took me so long to buy a dolly. I think it boils down to routine. I got into the routine of the manual process and never gave it much thought.

Dolly moving plastic bins

Look at how amazing. All the bins moving at the same time.

My dolly situation is similar to avoiding the dentist when you have a toothache. You know you need to see the dentist, but you put it off. Once you finally get around to going to the dentist, the doctor does their thing and you feel better. You leaving thinking to yourself, “I should have done this weeks ago.”

Where else in my life have I settled into a routine that would make no sense to most logical people?

That my friends is a loaded question. But it is a question that I am going to continue to ask myself for the next few weeks. My guess is that I might discover a few quick wins that pay huge dividends.

So how does this relate to you, my audience?

I know that many of you are interested in starting your own online business or store, but most of you have not.

What is holding you back?

Have you settled into a habit or routine that is sabotaging your desire to get started? I might just have your dolly. Here is a bundle of our best selling books, How to Start an Online Store and How to Blog for an Online Store. It includes the PDF and audio version of both books.

To celebrate my dolly purchase we are going to discount the bundle to $39.99. We do not like discounting, so the offer will only last for the upcoming week. Use the offer code dolly at checkout here.

Break out of your routine. Let us help you start your online store.

Do not make the same mistake I made by not purchasing a dolly. If you truly want to start an online store, our bundle will help you get there.

Please share any routines and hopefully how you broke out of the bad routines in the comments.

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