Stop Hiding Your Online Stores Best Assets

your online stores best assets

As many of you know, my wife (no that’s not her in the picture above :)) has recently started selling on Amazon. Amazon is too big of a sales channel to ignore and we wanted to capture more sales.  I briefly touched on this in my post about multiple sales channels.

Amazon is Kind of Like Ebay only Better

For those of you that don’t know, Amazon offers a platform to allow third parties to sell on their site. For most consumers, they don’t know the difference. People go to Amazon and buy whatever they are looking for and pay Amazon. If they buy one of your items as a seller, you get the proceeds of the sale minus their steep commission.

I wrote about getting started on Amazon here.  I think it’s a great way for beginners to find out if they are actually interested in building an eCommerce business.

Amazon Prime the Game Changer

All that aside, Amazon has built a huge business around some incredible ideas and policies.  One of the most successful additions is their Prime membership.

If you have been living under a rock, and don’t know what prime is, it’s amazing. The idea isn’t so amazing, but the effectiveness is.

For $99 a year you too can be a Prime member. With this membership you get free 2 day shipping on Amazon as well as all the other perks of streaming shows, movies and more.

Members of Prime actually end up shopping 3 times as frequently as non Prime members and spending 3 times as much.  I can tell you firsthand, that this happened to me.

As soon as I became a Prime member I found myself ordering more.  Additionally I was ordering small items that I couldn’t be bothered running to the store for. In 2 days it’s at my house and with free shipping.  I just heard that 1 in 5 adults in the US are Prime members.

That’s staggering…

But more importantly, it shows the power of Free Shipping. In my last post I wrote about increasing sales with Free Shipping and how my wife made more money by offering it.

Today I want to take it one step further and show you a cool trick I put in place to drive home her Free Shipping offer.

On my wife’s site she has a threshold of $50 for domestic free shipping and $100 for international free shipping. This means not all items or orders, qualify for free shipping.

So, in order to make it clearer and play up the free shipping, I decided to show it on each product page.  Under the checkout button, on each product page, I have a new dynamic element.

I wrote about this particular section in another post about removing the guessing work from shoppers.

But now that she offered free shipping on most items, I wanted to show it. Using some basic Liquid syntax in Shopify, I added a conditional statement.

Without getting too complicated…

If the price of the specific product was over $50, it would show that it qualified for free shipping.

If it was under $50, it would show what the shipping fee is.

I took it one step further by adding in the international conditions and below is what the different views looked like now.

This is initially how I had it.

showing the old shipping policy

Now if product is over $50 this is what it looked like.

ecommerce free us shipping

Now if product is over $100 this is what it looked like.

free shipping international and domestic

This has been a simple way to drive home the free shipping benefit and push people towards the checkout.

Here is the condition I used in the code if you would like to attempt this yourself.

{% if product.compare_at_price_min < product.price_min %} 
    {% if product.price_min > 5000 %}
YAY! This item ships for FREE in the US {% if product.price_min > 10000 %} and the rest of the world {% else %} and costs only $15 for International Shipping.
{% endif %} {% else %}
All orders over $50 in the US ship for FREE. Orders less than $50 ship for a flat $6 fee in the US and $15 International. see more
{% endif %} {% endif %}

Getting Fancy on the Upsell

Lastly I had written before about adding an upsell to your checkout page. This simple upsell technique can help increase your average order size.

Well now with this trick in hand, I added a similar condition to the upsell part of the checkout. If the price of the item is under the free shipping threshold by less than the cost of the upsell item, I tell them now.

Here is what I’m talking about.

Cost to get free shipping

These little tweaks were a nice way to further clarify to shoppers when and how they qualify for free shipping.  If Amazon has people spending more by offering this, you can too.

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