VarsityBooks Guidelines for On-Campus Situations

Guerrilla Marketing Form

This is one of the documents from a whole collection of resources that were provided to me from now defunct  I was an on-campus marketing representative.  Read the full story of My Guerrilla Marketing Tactics On Campus With Varsity Books. guidelines for on-campus situations

School administration or campus bookstore management may confront some of you requesting that you stop marketing for on or around campus.  While the reasons that they give for asking you to cease marketing activities may vary, you will have nothing to worry about as long as you are doing EVERYTHING in coordination with school rules.


The following is a checklist of steps that should be followed to ensure that you have a positive and smooth working relationship with your school.


  1. Read the school’s marketing rules/policies to ensure that the activities you have planned are permitted by the school.
  1. Carry a photocopy of the school’s rules with you at all times.
  1. If you are asked to stop or modify your activities, listen carefully and write down the reasons for this request.
  1. Politely ask the administrator to explain to you how you are violating a policy. Refer the administrator to the school’s rules.
  1. If the administrator still insists that you cease or change your activities, do so.
  1. Call your rep coordinator and send him/her all the information that you have collected above.
  1. If the problem still exists after steps 1–6 are taken, your rep coordinator will bring the situation to the attention of senior management at
  1. com senior management will work with you to help remedy the situation.
  1. Most importantly: Do Not Worry!  Most of these situations stem from school administration trying to keep competition away from their bookstore.

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