When Ecommerce Support Crosses The Line, It’s Annoying

Ecommerce Support Crossing The Line

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Starting any business requires 110% commitment to your customers.  You want to really wow each and every customer and strive to exceed their expectations.

ecommerce support to exceed expectations

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This is especially important with an online store.  You want your ecommerce support to be better than the next guy.  The statistics for my wifes store show that return visitors are 4 times as likely to purchase than first time visitors.

That’s a staggering difference.  This means you have to really focus on getting people back.  They are far more valuable than first time visitors.

This is why she focuses on building her email list and why she spends time and resources to send a simple thank you note to each customer.

She wants to handle each support request with top of the line service.

But when is it too much?

When have you crossed the line?

A Little Story

In the office, we order paper supplies online from a great company called CleanItSupply.  They are cheap and incredibly fast.  We often receive the stuff the next day.

But its toilet paper and paper towels.

ecommerce support problems

This is not something I care all that much about.

About two months ago, I missed a phone call that went to voicemail.  It was a sales rep from Clean It Supply.  They wanted to check in and make sure I had found what I was looking for and to see if I needed further help.

OK.  That’s nice.  I’m good thanks.

I didn’t return the call.

A few days later I got another call.  I let it go to voicemail because it was an 800 number.  It was them again.  They proceeded to call me 5 or 6 times over a two week period.


They then started emailing.

ecommerce support followup

I was getting annoyed.  These are paper products.  I don’t need a paper product consultant.  I order some paper towels and toilet paper every other month.

That’s it.

I didn’t want to chat about it or strategize about a more efficient process.

I thought the 5 unanswered calls and 2 unanswered emails would have got the point across.

Afraid not.

I Snapped

So on the next email that came in, I decided I would respond.  I was really annoyed by this point and responded ruder than I should have.

Stop Excessive Ecommerce Support

He responded right back with “You got it Jonathan Sorry.”

The Lesson

The point here is that you have to know when enough is enough.

While each sale and support request can be extremely important to you, it may not be to your customer.

What I like about ordering paper products online is that I don’t have to deal.  I’m on, I order, and they arrive.

No chit chat, no hassle.

It fixes a problem with a quick solution.

But if I have to speak with and ecommerce support rep and spend a half an hour diagnosing my paper needs, it’s no longer convenient.

It’s Not His Fault

I know he is doing his job.  I also know that many people want to chat and discuss their paper needs.  The trick is finding the right balance with your ecommerce support.  You want to let people know you are reachable and that you care…

And then you want to let them be.  Give your customers space.

Show them they matter and then let them be.  If you are stalking someone to help them, maybe, just maybe they don’t want the help.

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